Hurricane Ike information

Hurricane Ike information


Hey, the Hurricaine Information Center, led by Andy Carvin, could be of great value to people in the path of Ike and future storms.

Also check it a page of resources here provided by Rick Noriega
Democrat for U.S. Senate, who's also a member of the Army National Guard.



Harry Knopp

An easy way to track Ike is with It has a special section of links to:
–Ike's projected path
–National Hurricane Center and local news coverage
–hurricane preparation tips
–live streaming webcams
– and the Red Cross
–other Ike-related stuff.

stephanie dean

"All I heard was big banging noises and when I went to go check it out I looked up really fast and our barn roof was falling off towards me and all I knew is that I had to get away from there as soon as possible."


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