Voting Rights of Ohio Veterans and Deployed Troops Under Attack by Republicans

Voting Rights of Ohio Veterans and Deployed Troops Under Attack by Republicans


Real support for the troops means helping them preserve their voting right; here's how.

Here's Paul from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, but the gist is:

Existing Ohio law allows citizens to register to vote and cast an absentee ballot on the same day, as long as it happens 30 days before the election. But a ridiculous new lawsuit brought against Ohio's Secretary of State is trying to prevent the two actions of registering to vote and submitting an absentee ballot from happening simultaneously. If the lawsuit succeeds, it could nullify the votes of potentially thousands of veterans in VA hospitals and deployed military personal that took advantage of this opportunity to register and vote at the same time.

Ohioans have made tremendous sacrifices in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since September 11th, more than 46,000 of the state's sons and daughters have deployed. We owe these veterans and all service members an absentee voting process that is fair, predictable, and clear.

This is not a partisan matter. Regardless of which candidates they cast their ballots for, servicemen and women and hospitalized veterans, who rely on absentee voting, could find their ballots thrown out.




UPDATE: because they guys are better informed now.
Otherwise, the voter fraud you allude to has been investigated; it's a hoax.
Uhh, Craig? Why would the Repubs try to stop a group that generally votes 70% in their favor? Uhh, this doesn't pass the sniff test. They are trying to block it because of all the BS ACORN vote drives signing up homeless folks to vote – it's Obama all the way. Old time Chicago – vote early and often!


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