Yes, that's me

Yes, that's me


I figure I should disclose that the depiction of horror here is really me, and yes, there's also a picture of me in the debating team.

The plastic pocket protector is hidden; the thick black glasses are not yet in need of being taped together.



DB Ferguson

The seriously bizarre part is that you look older in that picture than you do now. Are you some kind of freaky Merlin creature that ages backwards?
You look like you're about to walk into IBM circa 1963 in that pic.


UPDATE: I've reminded this person that I'm some variety of libertarian, a little right of center… and that fact checking is always a good idea. fyi, I don't post in our pet forum.
Thank you for this blog..without it I would have never know you were a Far Left nut. You site has gone to hell with flaggers not that you care. Now you have people posting your personal far left views in the pet if you were not losing enough people to kjiji just lost another one.


UPDATE: scammers sometimes don't read their email.
I recommend and to everyone.
You have made no contact with me to tell me anything…and people are posting this site link and your views in YOUR pet Forum..Its is your site and you are letting it happen. You also need to fact check Obama…but we both know that will never happen.


Wow, your commenters suck.
I love that picture- it makes it look like the weight of your hair makes your head tilt. You are awesome, Mr. Newmark.


dude, just be glad you didn't go to Clifton High School in the 80s – the hair – oh the hair.


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