A few words from Columbus

A few words from Columbus


Just me talking a little about CL and networked/grassroots democracy.

Please let me know what you think. Is this of interest?





What does 'network to group' mean and how could it help run the government?

Judy E

I love this video, Craig. So you and Barack share the venerable job title of "community organizer!"
The color and cut of your suit and whole outfit is spectacular in this video!!


Good overview of how Craigslist got started, and the fact that you are busy not only with working with Craigslisters but also active in other venues.
You cannot do everything certainly, but Grandmother Edna Gordon, Seneca Wisdomkeeper, New York State, idea of a BROOMSTICK REVOLUTION wherein each individual works to sweep corruption out of government would be a good thing as well.
You might enjoy speaking with her. Send me an email and I will give you her phone number. Talking to Grandma Gordon is like talking to nature and a whirlwind combined.

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