Calling for Barack in SF

Calling for Barack in SF


These folks are the real deal.

I'm also tired of seeing myself, but I gotta stand up.



Liz | @lizwebpage

So many QUESTIONS! #1, good on ya, dude. More of a comment than a question, but still. Second, are those tootsie pops to keep you energized? How many licks *does* it take? C. You drinkin' beer in that cup? Keg nearby? And lastly: WHY are you all ALONE in there?
Enquiring minds want to KNOW!
Thanks! You RAWK!
Lovingly (but in a friend kind of way),


What about the MSNBC news story today, that stated Obama's aunt has been living in Boston illegally for years. Check it out for yourself. According to the article, she has been living in public housing since 2004, in spite of the fact that she received a deportation order. I read the story this morning, on


Talking to people first hand IS one of the best ways to make a difference.
A friend of mine who was outspent by 7 or 10 to 1, lost by only 7 votes. Had I only taken more time to make those phone calls, it would have made a difference.
Being Craig and making the calls may be a plus, if you are calling a Craigslister household, but one on one communication by an informed person is the key regardless of their fame and fortune.
Kudos to you Craig, for being among those who take the time.

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