Don't Vote (that is, vote!)

Don't Vote (that is, vote!)


Hey, this video is great, and funny.

Sarah Silverman might be the highlight; she performs an acrobatic task never performed regarding voting.




ummmm, you have to enter your address and it tells you where to register to vote…


Umm, I did. And nothing interesting happened.
I dunno, maybe it's the proxy here at work or something.

Michael Geary

John, I'm the developer of the voter info map. Thanks for trying it, and sorry it didn't work right! I'd be curious to find out exactly what happened.
If you have a moment, I wonder if you could try it again and post a comment on my blog entry about the map (click my name below). Let me know how far it got (was there a search box in the sidebar with a 1600 Pennsylvania sample address, nor not even that?). Many thanks!
BTW, a friend of mine just posted this comment: "Bit confusing that does not work but works."
It looks like a trailing slash breaks the URL. But the URL you posted doesn't have the trailing slash, so that's probably not it.
Also, when you entered the URL, did it redirect to a very lengthy URL? It should redirect to the actual map URL at:
(You can see why they set up a shorter URL alias!)

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