Ferocious attack mouse named by Marley

Ferocious attack mouse named by Marley


Well, Marley, a 3.5 year-old neighbor has named our visiting rodent. From her mom, whose name I think is "Marley's mom":

Marley enjoyed the mouse photo. We were thinking of Remy for the
mouse's name, after the RAT in Ratatouille.

Marley also enjoyed Barack cookie #2.



Marley's Mom (aka Mikey)

Very nice to know you are happy with the name Marley chose for your resident mouse friend, now Remy. For GF's sake, I hope Remy stays outside from now on, where all good little mice should be!


My Irish mother in law always said that in Ireland every house get's a "visitor" in the month of October. I think it's similar in San Francisco — haven't encountered a mouse in the house in any other month!


Yesterday morning I heard Alexandra let out a yell, two of our cats were playing with a dead mouse in the living room. She almost stepped on it. Gotta love those cats!

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