Google and other big efforts for voter registration and voting

Google and other big efforts for voter registration and voting


This year, more than ever, everyone needs to vote on November fourth.

In many cases, like for college students, guidance is needed regarding where to register (home or campus?)

Also, given how busy we all are, advice regarding absentee ballots helps everyone out. (I've used one for over ten years.)

There are a lot of good resources, and one is launching now on the Google home page, which is a really big deal. Google is leading an effort involving many companies, and there's more to come. check out their widget.

For now, I'd also recommend a number of specially focused sites, for example, the Voto Latino site. (Disclaimer: I'm on their advisory board.)

For students, here's the Student Public Interest Group.

Check out a good general reference for absentee ballots.

The League of Women Voters also has a great voting reference.

Finally, check out Declare Yourself.

In any case, it's time for all of us to stand up, and vote. I'd appreciate it personally.

(image by Mitzie Testani (AIGA Philadelphia)



Shane Bugbee

Hey Craig!
I'd love to offer to debate you on the whys and why nots of voting.
Me along with a mess of folks we've spoke with on our year long journey are not voting.
PLEASE, SOMEBODY convince us why we should vote.
To VOTE or not to VOTE? I challenge Ralph Nader to a debate –


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