Help kids and teachers via

Help kids and teachers via


More to come on this, but the deal is that allows a teacher to describe a classroom project online. You can fund it in small amounts… and after the project's completed, you get a full report.

On the right hand side of this blog, you'll see my DonorsChoose challenge.

It's of vital importance that we fund more projects together than the other Craig Newmark. As the DonorsChoose guy says:

"Let the death match begin…"

More on the other Craig Newmark and my ballet accident here.




Thank you for supporting my project! Having high interest books inspires my students to read constantly, which helps them to improve their reading levels and to become life-long readers.


Thank you so much for supporting DonorsChoose! It is a great cause. My students who are extremely high need and high risk will greatly benefit from the donations.


Thank you so much! Our school is desperately underfunded, and your donations make all the difference in the world!


Wow! I told my students about this today and they were floored. We are learning a poem relevant to one of the cultures in our classroom each week and it is not only teaching my students to celebrate the differences amongst themselves, but also helping them to learn how special their history and culture makes them. A brand new muticultural library will only serve to bring their understanding and acceptance of diversity to new heights, so I truly thank you for considering this proposal.

Michelle Paulus

Our class is really excited about our "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…Why Bother??" project. Funding special classroom projects allows students to become more excited about their learning. When kids are involved and invested– the learning is more powerful and more lasting. So thanks to all who help make these special projects possible!

C Flores

Thank you so much for recognizing the need for technology in the classroom and for supporting my students by posting my Donors Choose proposal. They are happy to know that there are people out there like you, who care. Thank you!

M Caluza

I am so excited to have my project fully funded. Thank you so much for your support. My children will surely be Superheroes of Literacy with help from people like you. Thanks for supporting DonorsChoose.

Alicia Grabianowski

Thank you so much for promoting Donor Choose. It really helps our students!

Alicia Grabianowski

Thank you so much for promoting Donor Choose. It really helps our students!

Susan Chollar

My science students are very enthused about "Keepin' Cool"–our upcoming project on global warming. They have so much to learn, but we need reliable reference materials for their age level. Thanks so much for promoting my grant proposal!

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