Live from Ferndale MI: phonebank for Obama

Live from Ferndale MI: phonebank for Obama


Good to be part of the real democratic process, but as a nerd, cold-calling is tough.



Jeremy Mahrle

It was nice to meet you, Craig. Thank you for making calls and helping the cause!

Ming Yeow

Hi Craig, saw this post via twitter. All I can say is – truly amazing stuff, whether it is craigslist or what you are up to in this posting. Keep rocking!

Maureen Romanchik

Hey Craig – I heard you were in town from a friend at the PRSA conference…Shoot me an email if you have time! We're out tonight and I'd love to see you! Maureen R.


I feel your pain. As a nerd, the idea of cold-calling terrifies me. Thanks for getting past it and contributing!

Maureen Romanchik

Hey Craig – I heard you were in town from a friend at the PRSA conference…Shoot me an email if you have time! We're out tonight and I'd love to see you! Maureen R.


I can sympathize with the toughness of cold-calling for nerds. It's the same thing for me with canvassing. After the first couple of contacts, though, it gets easier.
Thanks for doing your part to elect Obama, Craig!

Paula Cramer

UPDATE: I've informed this person that this has nothing to do with us, and have requested details so we can pursue this.
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