See Craig Vote. Vote, Craig, Vote

See Craig Vote. Vote, Craig, Vote


from rhyen on Vimeo.

  • Barack Obama for President
  • Jackie Speier for Congress
  • NO on California Proposition 8 (keep the government out of our bedrooms)

Special thanks to Rhyen Coombs and Lisa Pickoff-White at the Graduate School of Journalism of the University of California at Berkeley



Marsha Keeffer

Thanks for the no on 8, Craig. Jackie is one of my favorites – I'm not in her district or I'd vote for her. And Obama – what can I say? Our next president!


"I'm Craig Newmark, and I approve this message". Great final line in your video.
Good of you to share some of your voting decisions with the public.
In the Inland Empire on in the community politics ads lost of posts are YES on Prop 8 vs. the No on Prop 8 posts.
One humorous "NO on 8" post links to the October 27, 2008 column by Al Martinez in the Los Angeles Times, entitled, "God, gay marriage and one furious man", is a hoot.
Click this link to read his column,,0,3996566.column


You GO boy!!
Many thanks for supporting Obama and voting NO on Prop 8. Not my cause, per se, (hell, not even my state) but I'm totally against it and happy to see you are too!


Hi Craig: Got you on Twitter, came here, saw the video & you made it look so easy to vote I am sure it will make more people get out there and just do it.
Way to go!

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