Hey, the folks at the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America have a new video addressing the needs of veterans, check out

I'd appreciate if you took a look!



harold t walters

i felt really bad after coming back from Vietnam War. the country didn't make me feel proud of my service to them the rejection really made the worse time of my life!

Bud @ VeteransCapital. com

Hey Vets & SDV's- we are looking to help you get US Govt (domestic) infrastructure contracts. Mostly construction, IT, Security. We are tied to The Veterans Corporation. and we are a for-profit service, SDV entity, to accelerate the process. We help your propcess to bid, partner up with a bigger-capacity company, help get Bonding, working-capital etc. Give us a shout. There is plenty of work!!!
This same message goes out to you big co's that want to partner with our Vets.
Its simple: Americans, re-building America.

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