Great hyperlocal news coverage from UC Berkeley J-school

Great hyperlocal news coverage from UC Berkeley J-school


A lot of people figure that the future of news belongs to big national publications, and many hyperlocal sites.

Students at the UC Berkeley journalism school are doing great work, recently starting six hyperlocal sites focusing on Bay Area communities including:

A feed for all the sites is at

Check them out on Election Day for live reporting on precinct problems, voter tales and local views on the presidential race.

MissionLocal has a launch party this Thursday the sixth, 5-8 p.m. at Cava 22 (3239 2nd Street)


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The Five Before Midnight covers police matters nationwide including police matters in the SF Bay Area. This blogger specializes in police matters nationwide, but also covers City and County matters in the Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in Southern Calif).
This blog has a search feature that may be used to pull up items in, San Francisco, Oakland.
It may also be used as a tool by those local communities to see how a particular matter/subject is being handled in different communities across the country.
One blog included this topic:
A whistle blower in Oakland's police department has blown the doors off what's happening there and is suing the city including his police chief.
(excerpt, San Francisco Chronicle)
Officer Chris Yanke, a 16-year veteran, said in the suit that he broke the police "code of silence" several years ago when he "truthfully reported criminal misconduct and police brutality by a fellow OPD officer who was well-liked, which resulted in that officer's termination." The officer in question was not identified.

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