Apture – a tool for political news transparency

Apture – a tool for political news transparency


One way to see more about what Congressmen do is to easily link to their voting records, financial background, even their speeches. Apture makes it very easy to do so, and just announced that the Washington Post is now using their system.

Apture just launched a feature to make the US Congress more transparent
across washingtonpost.com. Anywhere the name of a Congress member is
mentioned across the site, readers can click to view the historical voting
records (dating back to 1991), member biographies, PDFs of scanned
financial disclosure documents, and the precise footage of Congressmen
giving speeches from the House and Senate floor – all without leaving the

Any web site owner can also add these features to their own site, free. By
selecting the phrases on their pages, Apture will present search results
for media related to Congress members or debated bills. Users can then
link this content into their page so readers are able to view the linked
content without being forced to leave the page or research the topic on
their own.

Take a look at the video >here.

>Here's an example live on the Post. (Look for the Capital icons.)

… and more details >here.



Furqan Nazeeri

That's really nifty! Bringing transparency and accountability to government is key to reform. I recently saw a new site called CapitalWords.org that creates interesting analytics of congressional speeches as reported by the Congressional Record. Very cool!

Nathan Maton

This is cool, but quite a niche program. Are there companies trying to work with publishers to get the info on all people mentioned in articles more easily accessible without having to leave the page? Linking wikipedia to publishers in some way?

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