Bird watching in my backyard over the holidays

Bird watching in my backyard over the holidays


Aside from my Lost marathon (finishing season two shortly) I've been admiring my visitors.
Is this a song sparrow?

downy woodpecker (video)

dark eyed junco
Steller's jay

another visitor
western scrub jay

California towhee




I stumbled upon your blog from a craigslist link and was thrilled to see you are a bird watcher. I thought you might enjoy BirdNote. They are good people who are using their podcasts and radio shows about birds to increase environmental awareness.
Thanks for starting the list and for the philosophy behind its growth. It's inspirational.

John Callender

Yeah, I think that probably is a Song Sparrow. Nice images! Thanks for keeping us entertained while we wait for CONE Welder to come back. :-)

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