craigslist prank turns into “Miracle at Wabash and Union”

craigslist prank turns into “Miracle at Wabash and Union”


Sure, the occasional prank is run on craigslist, but people are pretty good at responding in a positive way.

In this case, a guy decided to turn a mean prank into something really good:

What started as an online hoax culminated on Christmas day with dozens of people banding together to help those in need, in what's now being called “Miracle at Wabash and Union.”

[[in response to the bad listing:]]

Without giving it too much thought, Peace said he posted on Craigslist promising to make a turkey and round up some old clothes to bring down to the dilapidated church building on Christmas Day.

”I thought, at the very least, I can be there,” Peace said. “Me with one turkey is better than nobody at all. I had no idea what would happen.”

Over the next several hours, Peace watched posts flood Craigslist's free section, with people promising to show up with toys, food, paper plates, plastic silverware and anything else they could offer. When somebody pointed out rain and hail were in the day's forecast, posters volunteered tents and awnings.

”Everything we needed came together, and it was very effortless,” Peace said. “It was really a miracle.”



Scott Mahler

Wow! What a great example of the power of the internet. Technology has brought our world a lot of thing-both good and bad-but concentrating on all the great things we can do with it may just help level the playing field for everybody. Thanks for sharing this story.

helyn soler, 524 W Hawthorne St, #A Eureka, CA 95501

Dear Craig:
My name is Helyn, I organized the "Miracle at Wabash and Union" this year/2009. I just wanted to thank YOUUUUUUU for the FREE-dom of CList and ability to post for needs. Through CList, I received ONE HUNDRED AND TWELVE bites of which MOST participated by either donating items, time, and/or both! As you've prob read we were able to feed 250 and give over 600 toys (Toys 4 Tots) to needy children. It was SPECTACULAR. (I was under cover last year, I got the tent, food, clothing donated and hubby & I were out picking up 15 of the 25 or so that were fed last year!!!!! It was sooooooooooo kewl!!!!) Here is a URL to 1 of the articles in Times Standard. I mentioned CList ALWAYS – again, w/out your site, this would NOT have been what it was either!!!!!!! Thanks Greg – hope to meet u some day!!


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