Fine news commentary from the UK

Fine news commentary from the UK


I get most of my news from sources including NPR, The NY Times, The Daily Show and the Colbert Report, but another great source of commentary is The Bugle from the Times of London, it's the world's finest audio newspaper.

Jon Oliver and Andy Zaltzman present commentary unlike that you find on this side of the Atlantic.

Their Wikipedia entry cites important features including Hotties from History and Ask an American.

Of particular interest is the following from their Wikipedia discussion page:

two nerd factions, the buglers versus the wikipedians

this is brilliant. i mean, these two groups, so similar in so many ways (probably relating to computer gaming?) have come to blows. it's been an invasion. the buglers have followed their fearless leader into foreign territory (as i'm doing right now).

we geeks must unite. somehow, a truce must be negotiated. did mccain not declare "we are all wikipedians?"

oh ps. anyone who would have the knowledge necessary to add to the bugle page would have to be a devoted fan. a devoted fan would also be obliged to do as andy zaltzman says. so figure that one out.

Check also The reason that this article is awesome….

I fully support our Bugle Overlords.




Whoa! Someone just told me about "Craigslist" today and yoiks! I am on it under the "missed connection" [sometimes there is a reason they are "missed."]
ANYCRAIG, this is important since you and I are the same age and I KNOW you got the "doing well by doing good." PLEASE tell me it is from Tom Lehrer's "The Old Dope Peddler" which apparently you also listened to, thus explaining a myriad of things that you can't explain to anyone else.
Also, you had the same idea I had, only more refined. I wanted to have a site that would say i.e. "Brantingham, NY, Wayne Helsby, 1968." to try to connect to those long lost. You are to be lauded, Sir. Thank you.
Doing Bad While Doing Good.
and fer chrissakes, write back because there are not to many of us left, and also I am seeking funding for a chain of "Woodstock Rest Homes."
Best Regards,
'nance or

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