Next steps from the Obama community

Next steps from the Obama community


The grassroots network played a big role in the campaign, and now the participants and Obama leadership are working with toward the next phase in grassroots democracy.
Tony Loyd provides a great summary of the recent meeting:

Here are the outcomes of the meeting.

1. There is a process that is still forming, based on your input. Let’s be honest: we’re making this up as we go along. We want to take the time to get this right.
2. The process has been and will continue to be open and transparent. We’re trying to make sure you hear about this from us instead of read about it in the press, though I understand that word is already starting to leak out.
3. The first step was to gain feedback from the field about what you want from this organization. We have already heard back from over 500,000 people. The first steps of forming this organization are being strongly influenced by the survey results.
4. Please be patient. You may have heard the president say that he is going to move with “deliberate haste” in the transition. In the same way, we’re moving with deliberate haste in forming the new organization.

This is a really big deal.

Thanks! and better commentary, from Micah Sifry at TechPresident.



Sean Knox

Hey Craig,
A lot of former CA Obama volunteers are putting a lot of energy into a new group called Community Organize (
The intention is to create a network of grassroots activism and link the many organizing groups by helping them contact each other through the web and in person.

Tony Loyd

Hi Craig,
Thanks for the link to Yes We Can Racine. Obviously I don't speak on behalf of the Obama campaign, so anything I said in my summary is simply my impression of what is going on.
What impressed me the most from the meeting is how much time the “Obama for America” people spent in gathering feedback. I had filled out their survey before going and quite frankly I expected them to gather the feedback, promptly ignore it, and then tell us what they wanted to tell us. It wasn't like that at all. Not only did they read our feedback, they provided a summary to us of what they had heard.
We also spent quite a bit of time in break-out sessions talking about our vision. They were gathering the vision from the ground-up and not just providing us with a vision from on-high. I was incredibly impressed.
These are good people who want to do the right thing. And, like everything associated with the Obama campaign, they are taking a thoughtful approach to the next phase of the campaign.
As you said, this is big. This is a point of bifurcation. I'm just glad to be here when it happens.
Warm Regards,
Tony Loyd

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