The Obama CTO vision per

The Obama CTO vision per


Hey, I think Micah Sifry and Andrew Rasiej do a really big job at pushing ahead the cause of networked grassroots democracy.

Here in Politico they push ahead regarding what an Obama Chief Technology Officer should be about, with a little extra detail:

For a long time, we’ve been saying that America’s politicians couldn’t tell the difference between a server and a waiter. Now, it looks like President-elect Barack Obama not only knows the difference, but he also understands how to harness the power of the former to improve the life of the latter.

It’s not just that Obama wants to keep using his BlackBerry and reportedly will be the first president to have a laptop on his desk in the Oval Office. He also sees that we as a society stand to benefit from everyone being connected to high-speed Internet in all aspects of our daily lives, and is planning to include significant spending on technological infrastructure upgrades as part of his economic recovery program.

1. Internet evangelist: The CTO should first and foremost be an evangelist for the Internet as a public good.

2. Economic development and savings: The CTO should be tasked along with the Council of Economic Advisers to conduct a study of all the benefits of achieving universal, high-speed wireless access to the Internet, including economic and energy efficiencies, environmental benefits, and improvements in transportation, health care and safety.

3. The CTO should be tasked with developing a government-wide online platform — call it if you like — for civic engagement that connects Americans to each other to identify and solve problems. would foster connections between all the public advocates, volunteers, community organizers and activated citizens who want to get to work rebuilding America.

4. Transparency: The CTO should help ensure that the Obama administration is the most open, honest and accountable in history by overseeing the creation of a government data commons that pulls together lobbying reports, ethics records, campaign finance filings, regulatory interventions, earmarks, contracts, grants, subsidies — all the ways that outside actors attempt to influence government.

5. Connected democracy: The CTO should be tasked with encouraging all government agencies, as well as the legislative branch, to make maximum use of new communications technologies to make the processes of government more accessible and participatory.

6. Technology quotient and review: The CTO should develop a process by which all government agencies are working to reboot themselves in light of newly available technological capacities.



Typical White Person

This just in…
Newswire USA
Obama has pledged to make it one of his priorities to outlaw abortion in
the United States. Not the procedure, but the word. It will be against
the law to use the word "abortion" any more if he has his way.
Obama claims that the word "just makes people uncomfortable" and
should be removed from the english language. "There's no need for people
to feel uneasy because of such a harsh word" he claims, "we're going to
come up with a new 'feel good' term to use instead."
Just as liberals have infused the english language with feel good
words like 'gaming' instead of gambling, or 'gay' instead of homosexual,
he wants folks to get a warm, fuzzy, feeling when talking about killing
He states further, "From now on instead of saying 'abortion', it will be
called 'Retroactive Personal Responsibility Optioning' ". "People have
the right to choose to not be responsible" Obama said, "and if they
happen to get pregnant while choosing to not be responsible, they have
the right to not feel uneasy when choosing to kill the 'victimizing'
fetus inside their body."
He went on to compare unborn children to the "evil little worm thingy
that popped out of those people in that space movie" and said in the
future he may even consider legislation to automatically give all
fetuses criminal status. "Who do those fetuses think they are anyway?
How dare they think they can just show up and victimize innocent people
who have rightfully made the choice to not be responsible for their own
This announcement has been received favorably by liberal
groups and media across the nation. "We think Obama's decision will continue with
the liberal agenda of blurring moral and responsibility issues until
everyone will be afraid to take a stand on anything" said one leading
NYC based newspaper.
One dissenting voice was that of Buck Sawyer, spokesman for the Texas
based group, Citizens for Retroactive Abortion, "we think he should go
one step further and legalize abortion after the fact. That way they
could solve a lot of problems with bastard, dope smokin', troublemakers
that haven't worked an honest day in their lives and disrespect the flag
of the U.S. of A." There has been no comment yet from the liberal media
on the CRA press release.

American Smart Person

@Typical White Person
What makes you think you are typical? Given your message, you clearly are from the fringe.
Might want to see a doctor about your problem with semantics before it totally removes your ability to deal with reality and meaningful issues.

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