Something new is happening, where people are finding new ways to help each
other out, particularly during the holiday season. is a novel way where people can suggest new ideas to each
other, started last week by Allison Fine and Marnie Webb.

Here's where people are starting to rank those ideas.

People wrote about it just yesterday in the NY Times and it looks good,
check it out!




Couldn't find where to add my suggestions.
The big list seemed to shot me to an advertising page and would not let me return back.
So while the listed items may be nice, when you go to try to add your comments the feel isn't so nice, at least I did not find it too friendly. But then I don't know how to use twitter, etc.
My GiveList suggestion would have to do with family gatherings. Rather than give presents, family members can share stories, do entertainment like a father/daughter singing, telling a family story, making a family photo album to share, dress up and do a mini play, etc.
These type of activities can pull a family together, help pass on family stories, help build confidence in family members and teach them skills, etc.
This is NOT my idea, a lady attending the American Indian Film Festival in SF shared the idea with me while we were waiting to see some of the films. But I feel it is a great idea, and have been sharing it around with folks here and there.


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