A few words regarding the new grassroots democracy

A few words regarding the new grassroots democracy


Okay, I should get this down for the record, stuff I said at the Inman News conference yesterday, reported here:

"Our system of representative democracy, with its flaws, works OK. What's different now is the Internet makes this grassroots democracy possible on a large scale," said Newmark, an avid supporter of President-elect Obama, during an appearance Wednesday at the Real Estate Connect conference in New York City.

"Instead of thousands of people getting involved, we can get millions and maybe tens of millions involved, and that's just beginning to happen. It's a start."

The younger generation has a long road ahead, he said, though the dark times could provide an "opportunity to rebuild the country, maybe becoming the next 'Greatest Generation,' " a reference to those who grew up during the Great Depression era.

I view this as grounded optimism, not the Bush-in-isolation model.




In Riverside, CA I am still fighting Riverside City Council, to try to save Riverside's Greyhound Station that serves 80,000 passenger trips a year in the City of 300,000.
Our City Council folks don't think those 80,000 folks matter, the only ones who matter are the few, the affluent that don't want to see Greyhound passengers downtown near the Theater that they are refurbishing for use by those with money.
Thus far representative government has not worked for the masses, but we are still working on it. Greyhound is scheduled to close January 31, UNLESS the City Council takes action to delay the closing until County/City/Riverside Country Transit Committee/Riverside County Transit Agency/Greyhound/Metrolink/etc can all work together on a Regional transit center OR some way to keep Greyhound. This was a suggestion by a County Supervisor assistant at a meeting of the City Council Transportation Commission earlier today.
So we are still fighting, but we are in a City where reason does not prevail with our City Council if they are left alone to make decisions, or so it would seem.
The lack of democracy has been making me feel physically ill, as I take these issues very seriously. Decision by the City of Riverside to build low income housing in areas where guidelines say it is unhealthly to build housing for example, are the type of decisions being made that really hurt.
But I am trying to spread the word among all Riverside's areas/groups about using Craigslist's community/politics as a means of fighting our City Council on a grassroots level. This is slowly taking root and some folks are posting there.


Our system is not a democracy anymore. We are owned by the banking cartel aka the FED which is a PRIVATE bank. Said banking cartel has bought all the media and only on the internet is there minimal censoring of information. The real key to rebuilding the country is to take it back from the banksters. For a real jolt read "the Web of Debt, by Ellen Brown, J.D., http://webofdebt.com.
also google "from freedom to facism" and watch Aaron Russo's documentary on illegal taxation. Or google "Money As Debt" and find out how the banking system really operates. Thank god we have a way to get the grassroots together.

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