Commitments from

Commitments from


I didn't notice it before, but Macon Phillips, who runs, made some big commitments here on behalf of President Obama.

  • communication
  • transparency
  • participation

These are really big, assuming we get follow through. The previous administration hid much about what they were doing, the best example being the "missing" email situation.

Transparency means that they tell us what really goes on in government, save for genuinely sensitive information.

Perhaps most importantly they're talking about participatory government, meaning that they'll listen, and do something about that. I feel that's the biggest change we're seeing.

Along those lines, check out what David Plouffe from Organize for America has to say.



Lilly Evans

Thanx for this. Some of us outside US ( in my case UK) would love to see more of this kind of initiatives on our home ground.

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