Consumers Union: health blogger conference

Consumers Union: health blogger conference


Hey, these folks along with Consumers Union are doing big stuff with health care reform.

I think I'll tell 'em that I need both groups to push for national health care reform, to suggest the best system doable, and then to get behind Obama.

(Gotta remind 'em that I'm speaking for myself only, not for craigslist or Consumers Union.)



Jessica Gottlieb

Maybe they'll start talking about ADD and why I have 3 windows open each with 5 tabs…..
Seriously, if you can whisper in someone's ear, tell them that we're already talking about it.

Doug K

They need for attention on the lack of infection control in hospitals, with Superbugs and no infection control procedures in place in diagnostic imagining where the sickest members of our society go from scanning.

Julie B

Better recognition of type 1 diabetes. It is one of the most expensive [if not THE most expensive] condition to live with. Forever. As a jobless grad student with less than amazing health insurance and type 1 diabetes… life could be easier to say the least. And why hasn't anyone made a generic insulin yet?? It seems like everything else has a generic [ie cheaper] version of meds… why not insulin??
PS do you have a foundation that offers grants? I also volunteer with an organization called AYUDA, Inc. if you have a second please check us out at
Thanks again :)

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