Hi Craig,
This looks really great. You mentioned it's part of a programme supported by all three governments. If you shoot me some details I'd love to pass them onto our programme folks at Al Jazeera to see if they'd be interested in doing a piece on this.

Davi Ottenheimer

amazing. while the major press reported today that lending is down significantly by commercial banks, kiva has posted the opposite warning:
"Due to press, new features, or outreach efforts, at times we have more lenders visiting Kiva than we have fundraising loans."
hopefully more loan requests come through soon.


Today I had become very discouraged due to decisions on many levels, decision in favor or mining in the area of the Western Shoshone's sacred Mt. Tenabo ; decisions by our City Council on numerous matters; and the deletion of my suggestion on the site. It was almost too much.
So I visited your site and found hope and good happening in the microloan, and a repayment that could be reloaned. People helping and caring for people. Very nice indeed.
That little post did much to restore my energies and faith in the world.

Brian Dunbar

Silly question: 8.33% is paid back – is that a good rate of return?
I get the feeling that capital in Kiva is doing better than, say, my return from my employer's stock plan.

Jeffrey Levy

Very cool! We've donated to microlending groups before, but it was a straight donation with no reporting back.
I love the idea of some ongoing reporting.

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