I hate it when people have to cut down trees…

I hate it when people have to cut down trees…


… but the city guys have a point.

In this case, when the tree toppled, it took the water main with it. I guess the roots wrapped around the pipe. What you're seeing is the exposed base of the tree and there's even some brick and concrete embedded in there.

Another tree fall made for a very bad day for someone.




I am not one for cutting trees…That one tree looks like a eucalyptus/gum tree…not native in CA. They are evil trees and more should be done to remove them…plant native!


Even I dont like the pulling down of trees. It takes years for the tree to grow and just minutes to bring it down. Also, the mere fact of taking life out of something is pretty disturbing. Some may disagree, but…


Trees are home and "life support" to many. What right do we have to chop so many down without considering ALL life that we affect by doing so? People whine about their things and damage to their things and if they are the slightest bit inconvenienced. There is no such thing as an evil tree. All have value. This "native only" movement just pits one group against another. Nature must return to balance.

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