The election and the triumph of Star Trek

The election and the triumph of Star Trek


Just an observation: Star Trek fandom, among other things, is dominated by optimism in the future, that people can work together to make things better. Sure, it won't be easy.

Maybe recent events have vindicated that.



Mary Ann

Hi Craig, When I used to watch re-runs of Star Trek: The Next Generation on TV I always thought if Captain Picard was not fictional and furthermore was American (or allowed to run in America), he would be the best possible President. Obama embodies the qualities of Picard to me. Diplomatic, peaceful and brave. And Biden is a good #1. Plus they've got team US and World behind them. If anyone can "make it so" it is Team U.S. (in conjunction with global allies. And, umm.. we kinda need that.

Lauren Weinstein

Indeed, some have been comparing Obama with Spock.
But *which* Spock? *Our* Spock or the equally logical Spock from the "mirror universe"?
I've been a big supporter of Obama all along, but his apparent embracement of ever more policies that we could call "Bush-lite" are increasingly disturbing, to say the least.
He still has plenty of time to demonstrate which universe he truly comes from. I have high hopes, but increasingly want to see results, not just rhetoric, and not the continuation with minor modifications of dangerous Bush-era policies and rationales.


Craig, quite a few years ago, after having particiated in a successful demonstration to make clear that the future/present (or present/future) was conditionally responsive to present future needs, the establishment of a "Future Panel" was sugggested and recruits sought. The very advanced idea never caught on then, but was later incorporated in a script for a feature length motion picture of the same name.
In those earlier years and wearisome days theatre going was still popular and computer usages publicly sparse. Now though a Future Panel could be conducted via the Internet and include an international audience who would also become attentive enthralled observers of recently portrayed present/future possibilities and potentials. As ever, a people are limited by their own often less than optimal preferences, none of which have to one iota altered present future possibilities and potentials. Want proof?

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