and the national day of service and the national day of service


Barack Obama epitomizes a new spirit of service, to the country, to each other. His presidency, the day before inauguration, MLK day, is a national call to service. This
combines traditional public service, including military and Peace Corps, with volunteerism, ala a craigslist for service. That is, service is top-down and also grassroots.

If you're reading this, you get the idea. What's new is that the incipient administration is getting its act together on this.

Unlike past calls to service, President-elect Obama is asking you to do
more than just offer a single day of service. At this national moment of
urgency, he is asking you to summon a new spirit of service and make an ongoing
commitment to make better the lives of others in our communities, cities, and

Check out which has the info on the national day of service. It already lists around 5000 volunteer events for the day of service.

It's all just a start. We need to make service maybe trendy, even expected, for everyone with the time and/or cash to contribute.




Lots of folks around here are volunteering, working for the good of everyone not getting $$ for their work.
Then others seem to get lots of $$ and not only NOT work but make life difficult.
Just makes one wonder.
I attended a Community Police Review Commission meeting last night, all the Commissioners are volunteers and they worked 4 hours reviewing an Officer Involved Death case, working through what should be reported as fact. Very tedious, difficult, and can be someone complicated. Yet they were ploughing through it word by word, line by line, and devoting much time should a word or two be subject to discussion. Familiy members and other sat watching, observing, and being silent witnesses to this process.
Likely not the type of volunteering you were thinking of, but it takes all kinds.
Then tonight I attended a PUBLIC FORUM about Saving our Greyhound Station, about 10 panelists, and tons of folks present. But what was touching is a group of Gay, Lesbian, Trangender Youth took the time to send their statement of support for keeping the Greyhound Station, as it was needed by many, including members of their group. There statement, along with others like them from different groups will make a difference if they take the time to let it be known that the Community needs Greyhound.

lorenzo hall

please advise all data relating to the new National Civilian Police/Security force with the same training, equipment and arrest powers as Law Enforcement and or Military. Previous mention by Senator obama during his campaign, said he "felt this was needed"/ how to apply for this project/position?


The Obama camp launching a website for service is all well and good, but solving the wrong problem. As you've already pointed out, there are already plenty of websites out there to link people to volunteer opportunities. This is just creating another (albeit big) one.
The real problem is that people *still* have to go to dozens (or more) websites if they want to search for volunteer opportunities. One possible solution is to centralize the volunteer opportunities. Another (IMHO more modern) solution is to *share the data* between websites. This can easily be done with syndication. Think RSS for volunteer opportunities.
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Ma. Guadalupe Castañeda Puente

I am mexican MD, and I want to help. Just say me if that is possible.

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