War veterans needs answers re toxins from KBR/Halliburton

War veterans needs answers re toxins from KBR/Halliburton


The allegation is that KBR/Halliburton knowingly exposed soldiers to toxins which might be killing them. The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America have the news here and it ain't pretty.

This week reports surfaced that KBR, a
military-contracting firm, may have knowingly exposed troops to
dangerous toxins in Iraq.

In April of 2003, members of the Indiana National Guard were
protecting KBR employees at a power plant in Southern Iraq. After
their service, some of these troops exhibited signs of cancer, tumors
and rashes, and new reports indicate that these injuries may be the
result of exposure to toxins present at the site.

Incredibly, CBS News has uncovered evidence that KBR may have known
about the risks months before it took any action to inform those

So far KBR has denied any wrongdoing, despite the evidence.

At least one Indiana Guardsman has died from lung cancer already.
Others are sick. In fact, records from the CBS investigation show
that 60 percent of the soldiers exposed "exhibit symptoms of

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Ms Sparky

Poor ole KBR just can't catch a break. Electrocuting soldiers, exposing troops to toxins, contaminated food, waste fraud and abuse.
Seriously someone needs to go to prison.
KBR never leaves me with nothing to blog about.

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