Leonard Cohen tour!

Leonard Cohen tour!


Pop Music’s Perpetual Old Man, Now 74, Is Back on the Road

Hey, this guy is my rabbi.

Leonard Cohen kept returning to the stance of a supplicant at the Beacon Theater on Thursday night, dropping to one knee, or both, to intone his wry and ruminative songs. At the same time, he basked in the rapture of the crowd, artfully courting adulation. His mix of humility and sovereignty felt effortless, entirely true to form. And it girded the concert, his first in the United States in 15 years, with a vibrant and effective tension.




It is a shame that Cohen is working with Ticketmaster. Seconds after the shows were posted for sale – virtually everyone who tried to purchase a ticket was told shows were sold out and redirected to TicketMasters zombie resale sight were, in some instances they were asking thousands of $$ for single seats.

Sunny T. Evans

I saw, no experienced, Leonard Cohen last night in LA and I am still thrilled. What a show! What a man. When he sang, at 74, "I'm your man" all I could say was YES! Probably the best concert ever. Started at 8 on time, ended 11:30.

Don Zimmerman

After three or four encores, the audience left the theater glowing with the radiated healing energy from this legend and his extraordinary ensemble. This was an evening of music for grown ups. Thank you L.C.

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