"Obama Seeks New Commerce Secretary on Craigslist"

"Obama Seeks New Commerce Secretary on Craigslist"


A new service of a "craigslist for service" here.

Frustrated in his attempts to find someone willing to be Commerce Secretary, President Barack Obama today turned to Craigslist, the popular online classifieds site.

"The position of Commerce Secretary is too important to remain unfilled another day," Mr. Obama said. "That's why it is absolutely essential that this Craigslist thing work."

The president's online gambit seemed to pay off early in the day, when Josh Hurtstein, an indie rock musician from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, tentatively accepted the post.



tom harada

you are the man! oh my goodness i just subletted my apartment and it is feels awesome and it didn't cost anything! where is your logic, man? you are just so awesome. and i am from berkeley and am a hard-core c++ developer (moving back to the bay area from chicago), so i should know what awesome is! so awesome…


I will do it. But I need to take some breaks to get some tips from petfo re. training my crazed dog.

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