StripeyWatch Day Seven: not dead yet

StripeyWatch Day Seven: not dead yet


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Of course, Stripey could be replaced with another generic goldfish.

Wasn't that the plot of a Simpsons episode (where I'm Homer) or maybe Seinfeld (I'm George) or every other sitcom ever made?

Maybe I'm just Rex Barber.



Kathy Johnson

"Stripey could be replaced with a generic goldfish" – hmmm, sounds like an assasin is lurking in the shadows; aiming to justify his/her intentions.
Please tell Stripey to watch his back.. or fins.. or scales… or well, you know.


Craig: You gotta get out of the house more often….
Get the fish a fish-friend, and let him be uncontemplatedly on his own.
jb in the sunset
ps: Seismic planning, as done and undone, by SF govt…would be of some interest….
jack barry

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