Sunlight Foundation:

Sunlight Foundation:


Hey, the folks at Sunlight Foundation play a large role in promoting new forms of accountability and transparency.

They're just started the Our Open Government List. It's about the Obama Open Government Directive to promote transparency, participation, and collaboration. Sunlight Foundation has created this OOGL in order to add a public element to the crafting of this Open Government Directive that is itself transparent, participatory, and collaborative.

for example:

Ethics Information:
Information pertaining to ethics should be given high priority for publication, including campaign contributions, earmarks, lobbying records, personal financial disclosure statements, oversight information, and ethics waivers.

Open Government Data Principles:
The eight Open Government Data Principles should be implemented, making all government data: complete, primary, timely, accessible, machine processable, non-discriminatory, non-proprietary, and license-free.

Things are really beginning to happen with "Government 2.0."


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Kevin Drew

Glad to hear you spreading the word about Sunlight Foundation. I was just on my way there when I bumped into your Facebook page. Perhaps this internet thing and earnest digging by the likes of Ellen will really result in more open government. One can always hope.

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