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Get Senators to be upfront about campaign contributions via Twitter

Hey, the folks at Sunlight Foundation have launched a campaign to get Senators to disclose campaign finances and it uses Twitter. This is part of the movement to get greater transparency and accountability in Washington.

The idea is get Senators to cosponsor the right bill, and to defeat an amendment intended to kill this accountability effort. Looks like Senator Roberts, from Kansas, opposes it.

I've just twittered Senator Barbara Boxer, please check it out here and do your part, with my personal appreciation.

Here’s the scoop: There are currently seventeen senators on Twitter. For the most part these senators have not yet signed on as cosponsors to S. 482. In fact, only two of the seventeen are already cosponsors. We need your help to petition over Twitter the fifteen who have not cosponsored and ask them to support the bill by signing on as a cosponsor. Each one of these senators will need a tweet sent to them (example: @jimdemint) with a message asking them to cosponsor.

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justiNYC says:

Hey Craig…do you think this kind of thing would work for a new non-profit? i just started (am buried in paperwork for) Home Free Organization. We are providing the homeless with free wifi mobile hubs in urban areas and assistance in finding jobs and resources for getting off of the streets. I would love to have you involved as well. Our venture could surely use your input and expertise. Here is a link for a little more info.
and twitter
As for twitter, i would love to know how and who you know who might be interested in such a project. Thanks Craig,
justin farrow
Home Free Organization
[PS: Fran thought I should write and that you might be interested. ]