"I Am Public Service" (recommended ebook)

"I Am Public Service" (recommended ebook)


Hey, a lot of people are doing good work, with more coming, with the new Administration focused on serving the public.

Check out I Am Public Service, an ebook, with the words of people who serve:

Vladimir Diaz

Liaison Officer, US Department of Agriculture 

I strongly believe in the power of vision, action, and service as the drivers for personal and
societal change. 

I migrated with my family from the Dominican Republic to New York City in search of better
opportunities. At the age of fourteen, my interest in public service was sparked when I learned
that USDA food stamps helped to feed my family in economic hardships. 

I am the first one in my family to graduate from a higher education institution. I earned a master
s degree in marketing from the Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor s degree in business from
the State University of New York. 

As a Liaison Officer for the USDA, I am responsible for cultivating knowledge and developing
leaders in South Florida and Puerto Rico. I work with university presidents, administrators, and
faculty to provide more than 300,000 Hispanic students with professional development opportunities
in the federal government. 

My most memorable moment in public service took place in Honduras. I served as a volunteer for
USAID to help more than 400 organic coffee growers to export coffee into the United States and the
European Union. Making a difference in one person's life is what drives me to serve my country, my

My idea for a better government is simple yet profound: to serve those who really need help and to
welcome people of diverse backgrounds, ideas. In addition, I strongly believe that for public
service to survive it needs to be open for change and new ideas.