More on mystery tree

More on mystery tree


style="float:left; padding-right:10px;"> Here're some leaves to help identify, larger version here and another here




How big is the tree? Didn't you have another picture of it when it was blooming (or am I misremembering). Could you add a link to that picture. Not a rhododendron, I'd guess.


I am going to join the not a Rhodie crowd.
I work in my mom's rhodies each summer and they would get tall like trees if I did not prune them back.
Your plant does not have leave stem connections like her Rhodies.
No plant expert here tho, just someone who prunes in one grade with about 50 plus Rhodie bushes.


Did you try Googling "tree identification"? I tried it with the pictures, but it would be easier with the tree.
-Doug in Oakland

Erica Chappuis

It reminds me very much of the coffee plant illustrations I once did for a Zapatista co-op. Have you looked into this possibility? Or is it too cold in San Fran for coffee?


Appears to be of rubiaceae lineage. Maybe a coffea arabica plant. Where was the picture taken. How big are the flowers. As for avocado, the variation in leaf tone is not common unless it is under heavy stress.

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