Newmark's Wild Kingdom

Newmark's Wild Kingdom


Birds observed right outside my home office in the Cole Valley Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Thirty species so far, not counting the Bald Eagle.

Western Tanager
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Wilson's Warbler
Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Red-tailed Hawk

Lesser Goldfinch

House Sparrow

Hooded Oriole

Townsend's Warbler

American Robin

Steller's Jay

Downy Woodpecker

Dark-eyed Juncoe


Northern Flicker

Golden-crowned Sparrow

Western Scrub Jay

Black Phoebe

Cedar Waxwing 


House Finch

Mourning Dove

American Goldfinch


Song Sparrow

Pygmy Nuthatch

Rock Dove

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

Black-headed Grosbeak

California Towhee

Anna's Hummingbird

Bald Eagle




Hi Craig,
James from HippyGourmet here.
Isn't a "rock dove" also referred to as a pigeon?
Anyway, nice photos for sure.
Peace, Love & Organics!

Colleen McGarry

Craig, I saw you at the Zocalo event the other night and must say that along with all your transparency stuff, advocacy, and wise spending of social capital, I really enjoy Newmark's Wild Kingdom.
I'm torn between the Cedar Waxwing and the Northern Flicker as my favorites.


Great pictures! I'm glad you are feeding them too! Enjoy bird watching and keep posting.

Kathy Johnson

Now that's a regal bald eagle specimen! By the way – pretty cool that you get pheasants. You'd think that we'd see them out in Marin, but instead we get the wild turkeys instead.
Oh – and how do you tell the difference between a Downy woodpecker and a Nuttall's woodpecker? I always that we had Nuttall's, but ours look just like yours so I think I've misidentified. Back to the bird books!

Now this is one sweet tweet of a series

Susan Kramer

Why not count the Bald Eagle? We have 3 feeders outside our home office. Does this mean we are moving into middle age? Do twenty somethings watch birds?

Molly P

I live right up the street so this is a good bird guide for me!


Hi! The finch above the Ring-necked Pheasant is not an American, but rather a Lesser Goldfinch

Gail Fligstein

Have you seen the documentary, Parrots of Telegraph Hill? Maybe you'll see parrots sometime!


Let us start a fund to eliminate the Pigeon from the streets of our city..
Just as redwood trees are not good sidewalk trees, so ..pigeons are not good "street birds". Any ideas for humane devices to eliminate them from our streets?…
…and: why no big crows?


This is a really great reference. I saw a bunch of little yellow-faced birds in the Sutro Forest today… and here it is, a Townsend's warbler.

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There are 35 species of pheasant in 11 genera. The best-known is the Common Pheasant, which is widespread throughout the world in introduced feral populations and in farm operations. Various other pheasant species are popular in aviaries, such as the Golden Pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus).

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I have a project at school in science to identify 50 birds by the end of the month. I have no knowledge on birds whatsoever, so I need some help. I live in San Francisco and need specific names for birds. Help please.


You have the best backyard! I have deer, turkeys, rabbits and foxes in my backyard. I don't know about the birds because the squirrels keep getting into my "squirrel-proof" bird feeder. Thanks for sharing!

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Rob Lowen

Hi Craig,
Love all of these photos. Nice job! Nice twist on the bald eagle…love the humor.
We 'Birders' love our birds!
Thank you also for being a friend of Buzzie Bea.

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I saw the blog.Saw number of bird.All of them are gifted by nature.Look at them,how cute they are?
I remember class room project when we had to paste different birds in the scrapbook.Watching this post reminded me of my childhood days.
Great post

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The bird is so cute and small.I guess it is the humming bird.This is something very interesting and soothing to eyes.


Wow! what a menagerie! fantastic :o) thanks for sharing

Craig Newmark

Polly, thanks! maybe more to come, always looking for more.
theres a very athletic squirrel out there right now.


ich kam durch Zufall auf diese Seite und möchte einen netten Gruß
hinterlassen 😉 Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr auf meiner Homepage auch einmal vorbei schauen würdet! Vielleicht wollt ihr einmal auf Sylt/ Westerland oder an der Ostsee Urlaub machen?! Wir haben dort sehr schöne Meerblickwohnungen. Vielleicht bis bald einmal!
Herzliche Grüße
Volker Lange

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What a fantastic array of birds right in your own backyard! Only one of them looked familiar to me (the pigeon) and he is well known to me by the amount of poo he leaves on my balcony. Maybe if I had a better garden, it wouldnt be such a dumping ground!
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Craig Newmark

Janice, thanks! I guess it helps that I have a forrested area right next to me. Regarding pigeons, once you get to know them, well, they have personality.

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