Okay, should I read a little more non-fiction?

Okay, should I read a little more non-fiction?


As a nerd, yeah, I read a lot of science fiction, but also now a lot of historical fiction. Sometimes I read non-fiction, maybe not enough.

Earlier, in the NY Times, I read about and might read:

What do you think?



Brian Johnston

Maybe you might be interested in reading apocalyptic fiction by Tom Trainor. Check out "Rocker Heaven" at http:///www.thewaryeye.com The themes in the novel are amazing! His short stories are mind boggling……

wow gold

Jesus, Interrupted will be a good book to read, just in time for the Holy Week (that's if you're catholic). :)

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non-fiction books

maybe, as a geek as you've said so yourself, you could try reading Science as in, the subject itself, the non-fiction version rather than the fiction version.

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