"Pink Out!!! Stand Up for California Schools Friday"

"Pink Out!!! Stand Up for California Schools Friday"


Looks like with budget cuts, a lot of California teachers will lose their jobs.

The info's at pinkfriday09.org

California's public schools, colleges and universities are facing more than $11 billion in state budget cuts. These cuts are going to impact an entire generation of kids and alter public education for years to come.

March 13 is the deadline for school districts to issue preliminary pink slips to California's teachers. Last year, more than 10,000 teachers got pink slips and nearly 5,000 lost their jobs. And this year could be much worse.

Please join us on Friday, March 13 and Stand Up for Schools.

(note to self: do I have anything pink?)



Pam Heyda

Hey Craig thanks for posting this. It seems such a shame that the schools are being hit so hard when in the end it is the children who suffer. I believe California is 47th in per pupil spending, after this will we be 50? Seems incredible in a state that is one of the worlds biggest economies. You will look good in pink, even if it is just a hat, pin, or feather boa.


I will find something pink to wear. Posted the link and full text on the Inland Empire Craigslist site asking our folks to also wear pink today. Hope that's ok.

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