Snowing in the sun in San Francisco?

Snowing in the sun in San Francisco?


I don't think it's snow, but never seen anything like it before. Could be really small hail, but it's not water droplets.

Life just gets more surreal, inventing new ways to do so.




Believe it did snow in San Francisco in the 1970's. I worked in SF and lived in Los Trancos Woods/Portola Valley on the Peninsula at the time.
On our street which was on a hill, you could not get out without chains or snow tires as the roads were sheeted with ice under the snow.
I tried to drive to work but my car was sliding on the ice so I just parked it and took the day off. Others who tried to drive out of that area ended up with their cars sliding off the side of the road.
So most of us met the neighbors that normally would not see each other.
That is a wooded neighborhood, and we had a view of the South Bay.
The snow lasted two or three days before it all melted away at our house.
It was a wonderful time, particularly for folks like me, raised in CA in areas which have no snow.


It snowed on Nob Hill in '83 — it was the year I moved to SF.

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