Getting help regarding social media

Getting help regarding social media


Recently, a lot of people in government and corporations have been asking for help regarding all this new social media stuff, like Twitter and FaceBook.

They get that it's important, getting the buzz from general media, and often from their kids,but a lot of good people just don't get the point of social media.

This is a form of "digital divide" that's not based on class lines, but apparently via age, it's the "millennial makeover" kind of thing. People who are growing up with two way communications are "digital natives" but even many successful older folks are "digital immigrants." Digital immigrants are comfortable with email and browsing, but maybe not so much with Twitter, etc.  (Me, I'm in an odd category in-between.)

The deal is that in many organizations, governmental and private, there are people of good will who want to do good stuff, but need help getting social media. If you're in that situation , you might  have two sources of help you might need to use:

  • your kids. Yes, that's a cliche, but if you have a fifteen year old, or maybe a nine year old, they get this stuff, and might be able to explain it to you.
  • internal IT resources. Your computer team has been immersed in Internet culture (hopefully) for some years, and not only will they get it, but frequently they'll be eager to help out.

I've observed both a great deal, and they might be able to really help you out, and maybe save your job.



Don Lafferty

A little over three years ago I was working on a research team writing a book about all the different ways the Internet has changed the way people connect.
I was tasked with doing the research on Community.
At the time, MySpace was the 800 pound gorilla, and my two youngest daughters, then 11 and 13 years of age, became my tour guides, introducing me, a 40+ year old sales and marketing executive, to the world of social media.

Sam Bandak

Hi Craig,
Yes I did see you yesterday at Web 2.0, maybe trying to upgrade yourself from an in-between to "I am as good at it as a 12 yr old".
You seemed to be enjoying your stroll, so I did not want to intrude on your privacy.
My extremely sick wife and I are doing somthing that has already helped improve the lives of thousands of people. We know that we can not help her, but we would like to take it to the next level and help thousands more. I need a little bit of guidance, and I would really appreciate it if we could have a cup of coffee sometime if you have 10 minutes to spare. You can delete this entry after you ready it.
Best Regards,
Sam Bandak

Leah A. Zeldes

I see a different divide: Many people who are most comfortable with the short quips and l33t of Twitter et al. seem less able to communicate in longer written forms. That's worrisome. There's some right-brain/left-brain stuff going on there, too.
Then there's the social divide. The whole "friends" and "followers" business of many social networks is like a digital version of high school. That makes some uncomfortable, too. If you sign up for Facebook without any friends, it's tough to make any.

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