, social network for gov't workers, hits a milestone, social network for gov't workers, hits a milestone


GovLoop, an online community created for and by government employees, announced recently it has signed up its 10,000th member
less than a year after launching. Dubbed by some as a “Facebook for
Government,” GovLoop brings together government employees from federal,
state, local, and international agencies to discuss ideas, share best
practices and create a community dedicated to the betterment of government.

GovLoop members have already:

  • Written written over 1,500 blogs, started 1,200 discussions, posted over 450 events, shared 4,000+ photos and created over 200 videos.
  • Developed a burgeoning “Acquisition 2.0” movement to employ innovative acquisition methods
  • Been the leading source of government input into the Obama Administration’s Open Government Memo
  • Established a repository of best practices on items including Social Media Policies, Government Hiring and Government Twitter Use
  • Launched a top-rated podcast "Gov 2.0 Radio" with guests like Tim O'Reilly (founder of O’Reilly media)

Starting May 4th, GovLoop will continue the spirit of government
collaboration by hosting the official online dialogue for Public Service
Recognition Week