Well, I finally had the presence of mind when I saw this outside my home office window, but forgot to mute NPR. Also, illustrates my limitations as a videographer.

Both very short, nine or twenty-three seconds.




This is beautiful. Congrats on being able to capture the moment.
I'm visiting your blog because I read you will not protect women on Craigslist. What an awesome service you provide the community, but what a tragedy that the dignity of women has to be sullied there as well.


Didn't expect a video.
Love hummingbirds.

John Callender

Looks like a female Anna's hummingbird, in both cases. Cool!
Patty, in what sense is Craig "not protecting women on Craigslist"?

Margaret Hallenbeck

Hi Craig, It's really awesome that you were able to capture the hummingbird on video! They aren't very cooperative. :) Maybe the hummingbird likes NPR?

N Rodriguez

Craig, I just read about your work with Tomorrow's Youth Organization and reading about their work on domestic violence realized the critical importance of your contribution. I appreciate your foresight in aiding this effort.


Nice video Craig – here's some Hummingbird pictures I took a few years ago at a campsite in Colorado just West of Boulder –
P.S. Patty: Some of the mass media reporting about how CL "protects" women is incomplete/inaccurate and may have given you the wrong impression. I think it is a smart move by Jim/Craig to consolidate "questionable" postings into a single category and require verification. Sure beats having them show up in random categories. Plus CL has assisted the authorities … so they are doing quite a bit of good stuff IMHO.

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