Sunlight Foundation pushes ahead with

Sunlight Foundation pushes ahead with


Hey, the folks at Sunlight Foundation are helping making all levels of government operations visible to all. the deal is that if we can see what happens, it's possible to improve it.

The goal of is to provide the American people with the raw information, and then tech people (like I useta be) can write the tools which make it reasonably easy for us to see what really happens in Washington.

This is real, and this is big.

Check out Redesigning the Government:

Providing access to government data is one of the clearest ways to
be more transparent— and it is our hope that Kundra and team nail this
with In order to do so, we’re looking for these things:

  1. Bulk access to data
  2. Accountability for Data Quality
  3. Clear, understandable language
  4. Service and developer friendly file formats
  5. Comprehensiveness should build real, practical descriptions for the data that provides. It should speak to why each data set is important
and beyond relying on the non-transparent federal-speak that is so
often used. It should feature data, blog about data, and perhaps even
link off to interesting things that other people are doing with the
data that comes from