Two mystery birds

Two mystery birds


Hey, I need help identifying these…





Erica Chappuis

The bottom bird looks like a type of sparrow. Certainly a Passeriform of some kind. (Safe enough guess – it's only the largest avian group…) Sparrows do appear slightly different depending on the region.
You have a number of sparrows in CA and I think the upper bird matches the photos of a California Towhee.

Toby Gottfried

Upper bird CA Towhee
Lower bird Golden Crowned Sparrow


Upper bird California Towhee. This bird showed up in SF in the 1960's and is now a common breeding bird across the city and is a year around resident.
The lower bird is indeed a Golden-crowned Sparrow. This species does not breed in California, rather to the N as far S as the Cascades. This species is now gone for the season and will not return until late September.

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