Aspen Institute/JD Lasica: Identity in the Age of Cloud Computing

Aspen Institute/JD Lasica: Identity in the Age of Cloud Computing


Hey, there's a lot of big issues in this report that I haven't really seen discussed anywhere, with good recommendations.
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Some recommendations for the President:

Said Max Mancini, “I would tell the new president we’re on the cusp of significant acceleration and technical capabilities that will drive economic growth, new business opportunities and accelerated innovation,but significant barriers exist. Solving the identity issue is a key to enabling this technical capability. Over the past several years trust has seriously eroded, and that trust must be rebuilt through action by government, private industry and individuals. We must create new partnerships with the private sector in a transparent way to drive an agenda of innovation and progress.”

Jeffrey Dachis proposed that a main role of government is to identify and neutralize bad actors and rogue entities, and then to let the distributed computing produce an emergent outcome, one that we cannot predict. “What we can really do is affect the structure of our institutions, the structure of our learning, the structure of our organizations, the structure of our government to embrace and support this emerging cloud of activity.”

A few of my favorite specific suggestions:

  • Formulate an identity agenda
  • Restore trust
  • Use soft power, not hard power
  • Grow government transparency