, Vivek Kundra, Sunlight Foundation get props at NYTimes, Vivek Kundra, Sunlight Foundation get props at NYTimes


You might get tired of me repeating it, but big stuff's happening in Washington, historic stuff, and the NY Times re gets it:

When he was information technology chief for Washington, D.C., Vivek
Kundra delivered huge caches of information to the Web for public use —
from controversial hourly pay rates of city contractors to the daily
pickups of road kill. We hope he does the same and more, now that Mr.
Kundra is chief information officer for the federal government.

With little fanfare, the Obama administration has begun its first agency feeds onto,
a new Web site. Mr. Kundra promises to release vast amounts of raw data
there, so taxpayers can see what’s going on more instantly and clearly,
and, ideally, come back with suggestions on how to fix government

The public will also need to do its part, watching closely and
responding creatively. The Sunlight Foundation, an independent watchdog
group, is already starting a contest to invent Web applications that
capitalize on’s offerings. Mr. Kundra says he cannot wait for
the first “democratized” feedback.


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