& Stephen Colbert: Support Our Troops' Children & Stephen Colbert: Support Our Troops' Children


Hey, is a great example of how we all use the Net to help each other out, by pooling a few dollars to give people a break. It's like microfinance applied to classroom projects; we all can contribute a little to fund a classroom projects.

Newsman Stephen Colbert has a great project here, Support Our Troops' Children, which the focus is on classroom projects where serve the children of service members.

Here's a podcast where he talks about it.

This couldn't be any cooler, please check it out!

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Sharon Riegie Maynard

I liked that you thought about spotlighting a couple of organizations that are making a difference. I have the opportunity to work with hundreds of individuals who are creating projects to contribute to their community. There are ideas, large and small that most will never see, no reason for that in the net age.
As I posted on your site I have had an idea for over a year. It is to make projects of contribution more visible and accessible. I haven't found the right way and the idea needs mentoring. Want to help?
I would love to talk more.

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