Everyone, I really appreciate your support!

Everyone, I really appreciate your support!


Recently, the volume of support letters sent directly to me personally has surged.  I really appreciate that.

Normally, I get back to everyone, even if rushed, in which case I just say "thanks!"

With greater volume, if I miss someone, please accept my apologies, and know that your letters of support really do get read by me, and mean a lot to me as well.





Keep up the good work, Craig. You can get back to the letters when you're old 😉 Thanks for defending the web.

Tom Foolery

What a bullshit comment Craig. You block anyone that says something you don't like. Someone has to say it.


Hey, "Tom Foolery" . . .
I strongly disagree with your claim that Craig blocks anyone that says something Craig doesn't like.
I am a longtime user and know that rude comments like YOUR comment are allowed to stay.
Perhaps you are confusing CL blocking — with community flagging and community requests that certain handles be blocked.
Likely the CL users flagged you off, I feel pretty certain it wasn't Craig, and if by some remote chance it was, there would have been a very valid reason for doing so.

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