Health care reform summit

Health care reform summit


I feel that the best way to ease the suffering of millions of Americans is to get the best health care reform possible in the current political climate.

With actual swiftboaters attacking the compassionate, it's imperative that Americans work together to help each other out.

Check out the Health Reform Summit:

The Silicon Valley Action Network is hosting the first in a series of
summits on health reform on the morning of May 30th at Stanford
University. We are going to be joined by leading economists,
politicians, health care professionals and legislators to help our
community to better understand the very complicated issue of health

We are dedicated to providing balanced, unbiased information from
experts who represent all aspects of the health care community.



Brian Dunbar

UPDATE: Brian, I was pointing out PR folks who are deceptive and attack patriotism. Sorry, I can't figure out what you're saying, I think with good intent, would appreciate clarification. thanks!
With actual swiftboaters attacking the compassionate,
As my daughter might say: "Hubris, much?"
Coloring oneself as a saint and your opposition as evil is a bit much.
I share your concerns and the most of the goals you state you desire for the health care system. I disagree with your proposed course of action.
Am I evil as well?


Brian, no hubris needed. The same people who smeared John Kerry's military service record with mostly unsubstantiated claims are spending a lot of money to organize against health care reform.


Man, I wish someone would pay my way into one of these, because, as a healthcare consultant, I have my ideas on the subject. I even wrote a blog post giving my health plan for America that would cost less than President Obama's. But no one listens to the little guy. :-)

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