Health care reform targeted by Swiftboaters

Health care reform targeted by Swiftboaters


Hey, the Swiftboaters were people paid by political interests to run disinformation campaigns to profit the politicians who paid them.

Health care reform is about mitigating the suffering of millions of Americans.

I guess I take exception to those who fight those who would ease that suffering.

Check out Ex-Hospital CEO Battles Reform Effort

The campaign is being coordinated by CRC Public Relations, the group
that masterminded the "Swift boat" attacks against 2004 Democratic
presidential candidate John F. Kerry, and is inspired by the "Harry and Louise" ads that helped torpedo health-care reform during the Clinton administration.

The effort has alarmed many Democrats and liberal health-care
advocates, who are pushing back with attacks highlighting Scott's
ouster as head of the Columbia/HCA health-care company amid a fraud
investigation in the 1990s. The firm eventually pleaded guilty to
charges that it overbilled state and federal health plans, paying a
record $1.7 billion in fines.

In an ad broadcast in the Washington area and in Scott's home town
of Naples, Fla., last week, a group called Health Care for America Now
says of Scott: "He and his insurance-company friends make millions from
the broken system we have now."




While I am a very compassionate person, you have to remember that there is a price associated with Freedom.
As an American, you have the right to Life, Liberty, and the PURSUIT of Happiness. Under the United States Constitution there is no right to health care, unemployment, education, retirement benefits, etc. With the rights to such amazing Freedoms, comes a huge amount of personal responsibility.
I will gladly help those people in my local community that I can, but I will not support a government plan to make such things as health care a 'right.'

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